I’ve been busy working on several project, one of which is an original fantasy setting for use with fantasy role playing games. Called Hart’s Deep, it is a small city on the edge of the wilderness. Not smack dab on the edge, but the semi-civilized/semi colonized area (for humanity at least) extends around 55 miles from the city of Hart’s Deep.

Hart’s Deep is a very big project, with not only region mapped, but the city itself as well. The city, upon which the region is named, will be almost fully detailed. By almost, I mean every building in the city has been put into place, but not all of them have been assigned occupants or purposes. What I’ve done is figured out what the most important businesses and locations are (from a player’s point of view) and then put them on the map. Each location will be described, with information about what it is and who the proprietors are. The map of the city will also include maps of the mines, caves and caverns beneath the city. I haven’t decided yet how detailed these will be.

The image above is a snapshot of part of the map – if you click on it, you’ll be taken to a larger version of it. The write up of the city will be by quarter. The sample above is the old craftsman quarter, and it’s without all the fancy stuff Campaign Cartographer 3 can do.

I haven’t decided yet how exactly I’m going to publish the book – whether all at once, or each chapter or part as an installment for a subscription. I know I’m going to use the subscription model for the adventures (and the campaign) set in Hart’s Deep.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been working on and is keeping me so busy.

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